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About Pocket virtuality

We are (so far) a small, mostly programming team fully focused on developing a platform for real-time virtual teleportation. Our technology uniquely combines augmented reality with VR. The use of the platform we are developing, which we call "Fata Morgana", is very wide. The primary customers will be industrial companies, which will enable them to be more efficient in remote maintenance of large machines, or will simplify their technical cooperation of experts across continents. In a specific place, in real time.

We program mainly in C ++, we work with 3D graphics or DirectX. We use neural networks, the latest technologies and procedures. We develop our own engine, server and network protocols. We work with AR glasses (MS Hololens 2, UWP) and VR glasses (WMR, XTAL, Varjo - OpenXR).
We need new colleagues in the team who are not only technically proficient, but also creative and able to think outside of established conventions.
You can read about what we do here.
Your role will help move the product forward as quickly as possible, come up with new solutions so that we can grow with our customers and respond to trends that are changing extremely quickly in this field.

Open positions

We are currently looking for partners for the following positions:

C++ 3D engine programmer

A programmer with very good knowledge of C ++, C #, methods and algorithms used in RT 3D graphics, DirectX or OpenGL, shaders, openCL, or CUDA, who would help us with the implementation of OpenXR for professional VR headsets and expand the team working on the native 3D engine.

Programmer of neural networks and computer vision methods

Programmer with very good knowledge of C ++, Python or R, methods used in neural networks and machine vision. Knowledge of Pythorch, Tensorflow, openCV frameworks is also essential. The advantage is an awareness of the basic principles of photogrammetry, SLAM, Structure from Motion, Multi-View Stereo, working with geometry, pointclouds and more.

Programmer, RT video specialist

Developer with very good knowledge of C ++, C #, methods and algorithms used in compression and decompression of video and still image, or audio. The advantage is the knowledge of MS Media Foundation, the principles of operation of digital cameras, color spaces, optics, various methods of stabilization and more.

What do we offer?

  • Extremely interesting work on pushing the boundaries of current technology
  • Access to technological innovations and challenges you won't find anywhere else
  • Opportunity to participate in real projects for the nuclear energy, automotive and aerospace industries
  • Creative collaboration of a team dedicated to the development of completely innovative, unique technology
  • Work on the main employment relationship or on an ID number with flexible working hours
  • A team completely dedicated to product development
  • Offices in the premises of ČIIRC ČVUT near Vítězné náměstí

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Are you interested?

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